Judith Blacklock and Fleur Creatif will again bring together some of the most
influential and inspiring designers from the international floral scene.


Jonathan Moseley

As Flowers at Oxford enables designers from around the world to converge together in the Uk for this unique event I am thrilled to be organising and running the Floral…


Per Benjamin

Flowers have always played an important role in Per’s life, and one could say they have become his life. His driving force is the fun and happiness he finds in…

angelica (787x669)

Angelica Lacarbonara

Angelica is the creative director and owner of Agora’ Fashion Flowers in Puglia, Italy. Her speciality is bridal bouquets and floral jewellery and she gives demonstrations and training courses for…

Kopie van solomon1

Solomon Leong

  Dr. Solomon Leong’s floral design’s have been regularly recognized in international competitions where his floral art has been described as ‘extraordinary’ and ’striking’ by international media such as the BBC….


Bruno Duarte

Bruno grew up surrounded by flowers on his family’s farm in Madeira, but is now based in Toronto, Ontario where he runs his renowned shop, Fresh Florals. Much like his…